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Triplan - Outing, Trip Planner


Triplan (trip plan), Can Make a Plan of Outing and Travel.Support(Twitter): @Triplan_App or @Takac_j30
You can use this app easy to see sophisticated design, lets a nice journey to make a fun and efficient plan.Of course you want person to act in an upright position to properly plan, and who want to enjoy the freedom to explore make a roundabout plan can also be used conveniently.
【FEATURES】○ Create a schedule+ It is possible to add a stay plan and travel plan, schedule becomes clearer.+ Stay plan, because it can register multiple destinations, you will be able to make a roundabout plan, such as by multiple destinations within a defined period of time.
○ registration Spot (destination)+ You can register the destination to go to when you go out, travel.+ Since spot of image can be obtained from the WEB within the app, you do not be a lonely schedule.
○ registration Cost+ You can be registered in advance the cost of the time of going out-trip.+ Since the total amount of days is also automatically calculated so that you can prevent overuse.+ Can set the currency
○ registration Note+ Outing-trip belongings, that you want to during the trip, that you should not and must ... You can register anything.
○ Theme color change+ Indigo, Red, Green, Pink, Midnight ... Let your only app!
This software includes the work that is distributed in the Apache License 2.0.